Grimm Fairy Tales

Grimm Fairy Tales, Vol. 1 #19B


Rel: Nov 2007 - Pub: Nov 2007
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mature
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Rapunzel Nude Virgin Sketch Variant Comic Book Ltd 100
Comic | 32 pages

Dr. Sela Mathers returns to trying to help others by showing them the error of their ways by having them go through visions of themselves in a fairy tale. She tries to help two people, Eric and Rita, involved in criminal actions by having them see themselves through the lives of the characters in Rapunzel. Once again things don't go exactly as Sela had planned. She convinces one person the error of their ways and causes them to change, the other results in someones death. Belinda shows up on the scene at the end to tell Sela how futile her morals are in trying to change people. We learn that Belinda is quite similar to Sela in some respects.Rapunzel lures men to her tower with the guise of someone who is trapped. She tempts them by saying she had been waiting all this time for a suitor to come and whisk her away, and all they have to do is climb up the tower and she would be theirs. Sinister things await them inside. Rapunzel is also being played for a fool by the dark forces she attempts to help and in the end does not get entirely what she is looking for either. All this in the name of love, of course.

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Writer Joe Tyler, Ralph Tedesco
Artist Ashok Bhadana
Letterer Philip Clark
Cover Artist Al Rio
Editor Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco

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Henry Locke
Sela Mathers