Halloween ComicFest 2016 (Grumpy Cat and Pokey!)

I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Just Don't Care; Grumpy Cat Goes to Comic-Con

Oct 2016 / Halloween Comic Fest 2016 Edition
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 16 pages / $3.00


WriterBen Fisher, Elliott Serrano
PencillerSteve Uy
InkerSteve Uy
ColoristSteve Uy
LettererSteve Uy, Bill Tortolini
Cover PencillerSteve Uy
Cover InkerSteve Uy
Cover ColoristSteve Uy
EditorRich Young


King Tut
Grumpy Cat


It's Halloween night, and children delightfully roam the streets, adorned in colorful costumes... but Grumpy Cat is unimpressed! While her brother Pokey celebrates All Hallow's Eve with his usual wide-eyed wonder, Grumpy Cat is such a grouch that she even puts the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins to shame! You'll laugh out loud with the antics of the two most adorable kitties in comics in this very special Halloween mini-comic!