Harbinger: Renegade #2H

The Judgement of Solomon, Part 2

Rel: Dec 21, 2016 - Pub: Jan 2017
Valiant Entertainment
Action, Science Fiction, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Cvr H Most Good Hobby Interlocking Var Krome
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

They’re in your towns. In your schools. And inside your head…

Kris Hathaway, Peter Stanchek, Faith Herbert, and John Torkelson thought they could go underground. They thought they could get their old lives back. They were wrong. As four psionically powered “psiots” that can defy the laws of physics with a thought alone, this extraordinarily dangerous team of renegades won’t be able to escape the fight that society has brought to their door. As a violent, new superpower movement spreads across the suburbs, America’s only hope will be the teenagers it wished it could forget.

Chaos is coming home as Harvey Award nominee Rafer Roberts (A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and superstar artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Wolverine) continue the most subversive, most fearless new superhero series of the fall!

Creators View all

Writer Rafer Roberts
Artist Juan Jose Ryp
Penciller Darick Robertson
Inker Richard Clark
Colorist Diego Rodriguez, Frank D' Armata
Letterer Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez
Editor Warren Simons, Lauren Hitzhusen

Characters View all

Flamingo (Charlene Dupre)
Tamara Rahn
Zephyr (Faith Herbert)