Harley Quinn, Vol. 3 #6B

Undercover Punker, Part 2: The Skull Bags Big Snag

Dec 2016 / Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterAmanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
ArtistJill Thompson, John Timms
ColoristAlex Sinclair, Jill Thompson
LettererDave Sharpe
Cover ArtistBill Sienkiewicz, Bill Sienkiewicz
EditorMark Doyle, Chris Conroy
EditorDave Wielgosz

Characters — View More ↓

Egg Fu (Edgar Fullerton Yeung)
Harlem Harley (Antonia Moore)
Red Tool (Wayne Wilkins)
Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel)
Big Tony (Tony Delfini)


"EAT TO THIS BEAT" part two! Harley's carving her way through the rock underground of New York City, looking for the brutal criminals who hurt someone she cared about...unfortunately for Harley, one of the crooks in question has fallen in mad love with her.