Hellblazer TP #17


Staring At the Wall

Mar 2006
Modern Age / USA / English
Trade Paperback / 168 pages / $14.99


WriterMike Carey
ArtistMarcelo Frusin, Doug Alexander Gregory
ColoristLee Loughridge
LettererClem Robins
Cover ArtistTimothy Bradstreet
EditorWill Dennis
Editor in ChiefKaren Berger


John Constantine


In stories from HELLBLAZER #189-201, Constantine arrives on the scene, a dagger in one hand and an engraved human skull in the other while the Beast burns its mark on the world. Constantine's fragile coalition has fallen apart in death and recrimination, and it looks like John's fortunes have finally reached rock bottom. But when he faces the Beast in its lair, things get unimaginably worse...