Inhumans vs. X-Men #5A

Apr 2017 / Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 28 pages / $3.99

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WriterJeff Lemire, Charles Soule
ArtistJavier Garron
ColoristDavid Curiel
LettererClayton Cowles
Cover ArtistLeinil Francis Yu, Leinil Yu
Cover ColoristDavid Curiel
EditorMark Paniccia, Nick Lowe
Editor in ChiefAxel Alonso
EditorDaniel Ketchum, Wil Moss, Charles Beacham, Chris Robinson


• It's Karnak vs. Fantomex in the world, as Medusa and her team attempt to liberate their secret weapon - Black Bolt.     •  Storms are brewing as the X-Men make their move on the remaining Terrigen Cloud - will they be able to destroy it before it ends their entire species? Rated T+