Judge Dredd The Megazine [UK] #382

Judge Dredd

Apr 2017
Modern Age / United Kingdom / English
Comic / 32 pages / $5.99

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ScripterAlan Grant, Si Spencer
ArtistJesus Redondo, Boo Cook
ColoristDylan Teague, Eva de la Cruz
LettererAnnie Parkhouse, Simon Bowland
Cover ArtistJake Lynch
ScripterDan Abnett, Arthur Wyatt, Kek-W, Robert Murphy, T.C Eglington
ArtistPhil Winslade, Paul Marshall, Steve Yeowell, Vince Locke, Michael Dowling, Jake Lynch
ColoristEva de la Cruz, Adam Brown


Judge Dredd (Joseph Dredd)


More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! "Big Meg" follows the history of Mega-City One as seen through the eyes of an ordinary citizen, by T.C. Eglington and Boo Cook; Psi-Judge Anderson is a prisoner of a clandestine society in "Dragon's Blood" by Alan Grant and Paul Marshall; the population of Badrock build their defences against the coming attack from Munce, Inc. in Lawless: "Long Range War" by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade; and a brand-new series starts from Si Spencer and Jake Lynch, as we enter the strange Scandinavian world of HAVN! Plus in the bagged graphic novel this month an unearthed classic from the UK archives - Tornado's criminal caper The Lawless Touch by Kelvin Gosnell and Barrie Mitchell!