Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection #71HC

Mutants in Mega-City One

Hachette Partworks
2000 AD Books
Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | United Kingdom | English
Collected Edition Hardcover
Hardcover | 210 pages | $9.99

Following Dredd’s encounters in the Cursed Earth during the Fargo case, and the discovery of a mutant branch of his bloodline, the lawman has started to take a closer look at Justice Department’s treatment of those unfortunates warped by the legacy of the Atomic Wars. Mutants are currently forbidden entry into Mega-City One, and exiled to facilities and townships in the irradiated wasteland, but Dredd believes it’s time the law was changed – but is even he prepared for the turmoil he’s about to unleash?

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Writer John Wagner
Artist Colin MacNeil, Kev Walker, Rufus Dayglo, Nick Dyer, Patrick Goddard
Colorist Chris Blythe
Letterer Annie Parkhouse
Cover Artist Carl Critchlow