Jungle Fantasy Annual 2017 #M

Rel: May 03, 2017 - Pub: Apr 2017
Boundless Comics
Action, Adult, Adventure, Fantasy
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Luscious Nude Cover
Comic | 48 pages | $7.99

The world of Jungle Fantasy has many luscious ladies, and when natural disasters strike, they are forced from their homes and on a collision course!  There are four all-new stories in this issue featuring Tundra, Fauna, the Vixens and Ivory by an all-star gathering of talent including Ron Adrian, Ed Silva, Marcelo Mueller and Emiliano Urdinola!  Available with a load of lovely covers including a Regular & Sultry Cover by Renato Camilo, Wraparound by Raulo Caceres, a fully-painted Natural Beauty by Jonatas,  Luscious by Matt Martin, and Bikini Babes by Ron Adrian. Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including a Jurassic Fetish  Set (of 3 books, limited to 250 copies) and a Nude & Naughty Set (of 3 books, limited to 350 copies), by Christian Zanier and a Century Wraparound Nude (limited to 100 copies) by Jonatas . And for the erotic art collectors, there is the Nude by Camilo, Wraparound Nude by Caceres, Natural Beauty Nude by Jonatas,  Luscious Nude by Matt Martin, and Bikini Babes Nude by Ron Adrian. We top it off with Adult covers -  Luscious Adult Cover by Martin, and the Bondage Adult and insane Bondage Adult Extreme covers  by Zanier. To see the uncensored nude and adult covers, please visit www.boundlesscomics.com.

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Artist Sean Shaw, Matt Martin, Christian Zanier, Richard Ortiz, Paulo Siquiera, David Cabrera
Penciller Ron Adrian, Ed Silva
Inker Alex Lei, Rob Lean
Colorist German Nobile
Letterer Kurt Hathaway
Cover Artist Matt Martin
Editor in Chief William Christensen