Justice League Of America, Vol. 5 #1A

The Extremists, The Extremists Part One

Apr 2017 / Ivan Reis Regular Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterSteve Orlando
PencillerIvan Reis
InkerJoe Prado, Julio Ferreira
ColoristMarcelo Mailo
LettererClayton Cowles
Cover PencillerIvan Reis
Cover InkerJoe Prado
Cover ColoristMarcelo Maiolo
EditorBrian Cunningham, Amedeo Turturro
InkerOclair Albert

Characters — View More ↓

Atom (Ryan Choi)
Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe)
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Ray (Ray Terrill)
Black Canary (Dinah Lance)
Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow)
Gorgon (Adonis Bal)
Dr. Diehard (Hans Leckter)
Dreamslayer (Louise Marino)
Lord Havok (Alexi Nikolai)
Tracer (Vincent Cade)
Death Bat


Meet the Extremists-self-proclaimed saviors from another Earth, they thirst for peace, prosperity and total submission to the will of their leader, Lord Havok! How can the newly assembled JLA stop this group of misguided maniacs before the Extremists unleash their own unique-not to mention dangerous!-brand of law and order on our chaotic world?   RATED T