Marvel Premiere Classic #20DM

Wolverine: Not Dead Yet

Rel: Mar 04, 2009 - Pub: Mar 2009
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Direct Market Variant Edition

Collects Wolverine (1988) #119-122.

Wolverine's past is full of nasty characters - but few as fiendish as the White Ghost, a murderous mercenary whom Wolverine thought he'd left for dead during his spy years! But this Ghost won't be laid to rest until he's run Wolverine through a gauntlet of Adamantium weapons, killing the mutant maverick with the very metal that's saved his life so many times! Unwilling to risk his friends, Wolverine stands alone in a story of intrigue, romance and devastation - culminating in a clash between two killers!

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Writer Warren Ellis
Artist Leinil Francis Yu
Cover Artist Leinil Francis Yu

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Wolverine (Logan / James Howlett)