Marvel Premiere Classic #72HC-B

Rocket Raccoon: Guardian Of The Keystone Quadrant

Rel: Aug 10, 2011 - Pub: Aug 2011
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Direct Market Variant Edition
Hardcover | 144 pages | $24.99

Written by BILL MANTLO Penciled by KEITH GIFFEN, MIKE MIGNOLA & SAL BUSCEMA Covers by MIKE MIGNOLA It's Rocket Raccoon, the deadliest weapons expert in the galaxy! Before he lent his expertise to the war effort during?Annihilation, before he saved the universe as one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon was the Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant! Experience his original adventures with the Incredible Hulk, and his anthropomorphic allies and enemies on his home planet of Halfworld! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #271, ROCKET RACCOON #1-4 and material from MARVEL PREVIEW #7. 144 PGS./Rated

Incredible Hulk #271, Rocket Raccoon #1-4 + material from Marvel Preview #7

Creators View all

Writer Bill Mantlo
Artist Keith Giffen, Sal Buscema
Inker Al Gordon, Al Milgrom
Cover Artist Mike Mignola

Characters View all

Betty Ross-Banner
Rick Jones
Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner)
Rocket Raccoon
Wal Russ
Blackjack O'Hare
Galaxy Master
Prince Wayfinder