Monster & Madman #1TP

Aug 2014 / Damien Worm Regular Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Trade Paperback / 104 pages / $17.99


WriterSteve Niles
ArtistDamien Worm
PainterDamien Worm
Cover ArtistDamien Worm
EditorChris Ryall
Editor in ChiefChris Ryall
Cover PainterDamien Worm


Frankenstein's Monster (IDW)
Jack the Ripper (IDW)


The year is 1888 and the area of the city known as Whitechapel is about to become a slaughterhouse. Eleven women will be murdered. Only five will be attributed to Jack the Ripper. Discover the secret history of the Ripper and the Frankenstein Monster!