New Challengers TP

Rel: Dec 19, 2018 - Pub: Dec 2018
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Trade Paperback | 144 pages | $16.99

Spinning out of the best-selling Dark Nights: Metal epic comes New Challengers, a group of fearless explorers who will uncover the worst-and weirdest-the DC Universe has to offer. A new team of misfits are given a second chance at life by the mysterious figure "the Professor"...but only if they're willing to explore the most unknown reaches of the universe. Seeking a set of powerful artifacts, the team must defeat a rival group of explorers to combine them...or the world as we know it could end. Collects the entire six-issue miniseries.

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Writer Aaron Gillespie, Scott Snyder
Penciller Andy Kubert, V. Ken Marion