John Byrne's Next Men

John Byrne's Next Men #5


Rel: Jun 1992 - Pub: Jun 1992
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.50

Story and art by John Byrne. The Next Men are headed to Washington, D.C., after their encounter with another survivor of Project Next Men. This issue marks the end of the first day in the mutates' new lives, while forces in Washington conspire to make their futures even more complicated. We learn the identity of Tony Murcheson's contact, the elusive Control. And then there's Senator Hilltop, who's moving up in the world... 32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.50.

Creators View all

Writer John Byrne
Artist John Byrne
Penciller John Byrne
Colorist Matt Webb
Letterer John Byrne
Cover Artist John Byrne
Cover Penciller John Byrne
Editor Barbara Kesel

Characters View all

Aldus Hilltop
Antonia 'Tony' Murcheson
Scanner (Nathan)
Hardbody (Bethany)
Brawn (Jack Whalen)
Sprint (Danny)
Wyatt Coffey
Willis Ducummen
Bounce (Jasmine 'Jazz')