Ninjak: Complete Classic Omnibus #HC

Rel: Feb 07, 2018 - Pub:
Valiant Entertainment
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Hardcover | 800 pages | $99.99

From his deadly debut in the pages of BLOODSHOT all the way to his final mission, it's the complete classic adventures of Valiant's sophisticated superspy - collected together for the very first time! Acclaimed writers Mark Moretti (ETERNAL WARRIOR), Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (Guardians of the Galaxy) are joined by legendary artists Joe Quesada (Daredevil) and Bryan Hitch (The Authority), along with an all-star cast of Valiant's finest for an oversized, omnibus hardcover of the best-selling super-spy series of the 1990s. Colin King - sophisticated British playboy by day, elite super-spy by night! Codenamed Ninjak, King is gifted with a brilliant mind and lethal training in the world's most dangerous fighting techniques. Both will be put to the ultimate test as he is drawn into a globe-spanning mission to bring down a cavalcade of covert agents and criminal cartels, including his greatest nemesis - the Webnet terror network and its villainous mastermind, Dr. Silk! From the British Isles to the land of the Rising Sun, Ninjak is about to leave an indelible imprint on the Valiant Universe - or die trying. Collecting NINJAK (1994) #1-26, #0, and #00, NINJAK YEARBOOK 1994 #1, BLOODSHOT (1993) #5-6, and SECRET WEAPONS (1993) #5, along with 20+ pages of rarely seen art and extras!

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Writer Kevin VanHook, Mike Baron, Andy Lanning, Joe St. Pierre, Mark Moretti, Rob Johnson, Jorge Gonzales, Dan Abnett
Scripter Jorge Gonzales
Artist Howard Simpson, Mike Manley, Tom Mandrake, C.R. Lister
Penciller Kevin Kobasic, John Ross, Luke Ross, Mike Manley, Joe Quesada, Bryan Hitch, Yvel Guichet, Andrew Currie, Joe St. Pierre, Mark Moretti, Don Perlin, Louis Small Jr., Mozart Couto, Steve Ellis, John Czop
Inker Stan Drake, Randy Elliott, Winston Blakely, Dick Giordano, Andy Lanning, Mike DeCarlo, Jenifer Marrus, Jim Sanders III, Mathew Gasser, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Ryder, John Dixon, Paul Autio, Kathryn Bolinger, Remmy Ribiero
Colorist John Cebollero, Mark Pusateri, Mike McGuire, Steve Whitaker, Knob Row, Jade Moede, Michael Cavallaro, Carol Vanhook
Letterer Kenneth Martinez, Santiago Vazquez, Wil Quintana, Chris Eliopoulos, Jade Moede, Rob Johnson, Bethanne Niedz
Cover Artist Joe Quesada, Joe Rubinstein, Joe St. Pierre, Mark Moretti, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Ryder, Kathryn Bolinger, Mark Andretti, Stu Suchet
Cover Penciller Joe Quesada, Mark Moretti, Don Perlin, Mark Andretti
Cover Inker Rodney Ramos, Kevin Nowlan, Bob Layton, Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover Colorist John Cebollero, Andrew Covalt, Jade Moede, Michael Cavallaro, Stu Suchet
Editor Tony Bedard, Maurice Fontenot, Julie Crimmins, Madeleine Robins
Editor in Chief Bob Layton

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Eternal Warrior (Gilad Anni-Padda)
Geomancer (Geoff McHenry)
X-O Manowar (Aric Dacia)
Ninjak (Colin King)
Bloodshot (Michael Lazarus)
Rai (Takao Konishi)
Randy Cartier
Ken Clarkson
Stronghold (Edward Sedgewick)
Weaponeer (Henri Monteblan)
Neville Alcott
Sabrina Spieza
Jillian Alcott
Michiko Okubo
7th Dragon (Goro Sanada)
Augustus Silk
Spider Aliens
Janine Noir