Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition (Vol. 2) #16

Book of the Dead- Air-Walker to Death-Stalker

Rel: Mar 17, 1987 - Pub: Jun 1987
Reference, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Deluxe Edition
Comic | 64 pages | $1.50

The chronicle of Marvel's heroes and villains continues with the history of all the deceased characters.

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Writer Peter Sanderson
Artist Mike Harris, Jerry Ordway, Tom Morgan, Bill Reinhold, Wayne Boring, Kevin Nowlan, Brent Anderson, Ron Frenz, Alan Davis, Chuck Patton, Mike Zeck, Jim Starlin, John Bolton, John Bolton, Todd McFarlane, Colleen Doran, Bob Budiansky, Sandy Plunkett, Luke McDonnell, Whilce Portacio, Dwayne Turner, Mike Witherby, Murphy Anderson, Tony Salmons, Paul Ryan, Jim Mooney, Carl Potts, Al Milgrom, Al Milgrom, Sal Buscema
Inker Josef Rubinstein
Colorist Andy Yanchus
Cover Penciller Keith Pollard
Editor Mark Gruenwald, Gregory Wright, Marc McLaurin, David Wohl
Editor in Chief Jim Shooter