Old Man Logan, Vol. 2 #12

The Last Ronin, Part 4

Dec 2016
Action, Adventure, Mature, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Andrea Sorrentino Cover
Comic | 28 pages | $3.99

THE SILENT ORDER, PART FOUR: The Old Man and the Boy •  In the penultimate chapter of the "SILENT ORDER" epic, LOGAN will face his toughest adversary yet-his own past! •  SOHEI and his order of Silent Monks have Logan's back against a wall. But when the leader of the monks is revealed, will Logan have the strength to defeat him? •  And in the Wastelands, Logan faces the same Order, only centuries older and stronger. Will he be able to defeat these warrior monks without popping his claws and revealing the truth of who he is to his one true love? Parental Advisory

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Writer Jeff Lemire
Penciller Andrea Sorrentino
Inker Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer Cory Petit
Cover Artist Andrea Sorrentino
Editor Mark Paniccia, Christina Harrington
Editor in Chief Axel Alonso

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Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko Oyama)
Old Man Logan (James Howlett)