Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo #7

Sep 2010
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Graphic Novel | $10.99

Kabukicho, Japan. A red light district where drifters gather and everything is obtainable. In this city, foreigners and citizens as well as purebloods and mixed bloods gather together to live and survive. Tonight as well, the strange creatures in Count D's pet shop raise their voices. He has any kind of pet you could wish for. A pet to join your family. A pet to be your life long partner. And...even pets that will end your life, if you so wish it. The new pets at Count D's shop appear to be cute and sweet...until their true identities are exposed. Watch the horror, mystery and romance continue in volume 7!

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Writer Matsuri Akino
Artist Matsuri Akino
Cover Artist Matsuri Akino