Quantum & Woody

Quantum & Woody, Vol. 1 #4


Rel: Sep 1997 - Pub: Sep 1997
Acclaim Comics
Comedy, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 21 pages | $2.50

There's trouble in paradise. Woody's antics keep the duo from being taken seriously as superheroes. And things only get worse when Quantum and Woody try to defuse a hostage situation in a mall.

Quantum wants to be taken seriously as a hero, and he'll go to any lengths to prove it. But, how can he be taken seriously when he's stuck with Woody? How do they deal with a serious hostage situation in Manhattan Mall? How else? Badly! All this and a goat, too.

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Writer Christopher Priest, Mark D. Bright
Penciller Mark D. Bright
Inker Greg Adams
Colorist Atomic Paintbrush
Cover Artist Mark D. Bright