Return To Labyrinth #2

Jul 2008
Adventure, Fantasy
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Graphic Novel | 192 pages | $9.99

Secrets are revealed as the reign of power passes from one heir to another…

Toby has been named the next Goblin King and Lord of the Labyrinth, and the goblins are in an uproar. As her to Jareth’s throne, Toby hopes he can be more successful than he was in the human world, but first he must earn the respect of his subjects and learn to control the Labyrinth. His tutor in leadership and magic is Mizumi, the Icy Queen of Moraine, but with each lesson, the young king finds himself drifting further away from his friends. Toby may have what it takes to rule this unruly kingdom, but at what cost?

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Writer Jake Forbes
Artist Chris Lie
Cover Artist Chris Lie