Rima the Jungle Girl

Rima the Jungle Girl #3

Rio Lama, The Hot Spot

Rel: Sep 1974 - Pub: Sep 1974
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.20

Joe Kubert cover, In "Riolama," Abel travels with Rima and the old man, Nuflo, to the land where Rima was born and along the way, Nuflo tells how he met Rima. Part 3 of the origin story of Rima. Story credits: Unknown. Art by Nester Redondo. Issue also has Space Voyagers in "The Hot Spot." Script by Robert Kanigher and art by Alex Nino. Cover price $0.20.

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Writer Robert Kanigher
Artist Nestor Redondo
Penciller Alex Nino, Nestor Redondo
Cover Artist Joe Kubert
Cover Penciller Joe Kubert

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Space Voyagers