Scooby-Doo... Where Are You!, Vol. 3 #2

The Aliens of Area 49 / Repeat Offender / Costume Capter

Rel: Oct 06, 2010 - Pub: Oct 2010
Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | $2.99

Written by SCOTT GROSS Art and cover by SCOTT GROSS Spirits run high in the Mystery Mobile as Scooby and the gang take a vacation to the Grand Canyon...until they run across Area 15! It was here that locals claim the government covered-up an alien spacecraft landing years ago... On sale OCTOBER 6 ? 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

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Writer Chris Duffy, Scott Gross
Artist Harkins Tim, Scott Gross
Colorist David A. Rodriguez, Trish Mulvihill
Letterer Harkins Tim, Travis Lanham
Editor Scott Peterson, Bronwyn Taggart

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Velma Dinkley
Shaggy Rogers
Daphne Blake
Fred Jones