Scooby Doo... Where Are You!, Vol. 3 #38

Creature Feature / Ghost To Ghost TV

Rel: Oct 02, 2013 - Pub: Oct 2013
Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

When the monsters from a late-night horror movie TV show become all too real, they scare the hostess right out of her fright wig and straight to Mystery Inc. for help! Join the gang as they dress up and host the TV show themselves to unravel what's really causing a scene behind the set!

Creators View all

Writer Sholly Fisch, Earl Kress
Artist Dario Brizuela
Penciller Scott Jerralds
Inker Scott McRae
Colorist Sno Cone Studios, Heroic Age Studios
Letterer Saida Temofonte, Tom Orzechowski
Cover Artist Dario Brizuela
Cover Colorist Franco Riesco
Editor Kristy Quinn, Joan Hilty

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Shaggy Rogers
Daphne Blake
Fred Jones
Velma Dinkley