Scooby-Doo... Where Are You!, Vol. 3 #44

Island of the Jabberwockies / The Phantom of the Opal

Rel: Apr 09, 2014 - Pub: Apr 2014
Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

The gang is trying to take a nice, peaceful vacation at an island resort, but the Jabberwocky infestation at the nature preserve next door isn't making that easy! Shaggy and Scooby could be scared off by red-eyed monsters with lion-like paws, unless Velma's keen eye for clues puts an end to the mysterious beasts!

Creators View all

Writer Paul Kupperberg, Matthew K. Manning
Penciller Robert Pope, Roberto Barrios
Inker Horacio Ottolini, Scott McRae
Colorist Heroic Age, Franco Riesco
Letterer Saida Temofonte, Pat Brosseau
Cover Artist Scott Neely
Cover Colorist Heroic Age
Editor Harvey Richards, Kristy Quinn

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Shaggy Rogers
Daphne Blake
Fred Jones
Velma Dinkley