Shadowman, Vol. 4 #2A

Birth Rites, Part 2

Rel: Dec 05, 2012 - Pub: Dec 2012
Valiant Entertainment
Action, Adventure, Horror, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Cvr A Zircher
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

Shadowman’s first night on the job may just be his last.

Jack Boniface has become the next Shadowman, which would be great if he had any idea what he was doing. But he doesn’t and he’s out of time. Master Darque has dispatched the terrifying Mr. Twist to destroy Jack, and the demonic creature is tearing through half of the Big Easy in search of his prey. If the Abettors — the mysterious organization that’s spent hundreds of years protecting New Orleans — can reach Jack first, he’s got an outside shot at making it through the night. Find out if he’ll live to see tomorrow when the return of the legendary Shadowman continues this December!

Creators View all

Writer Patrick Zircher, Justin Jordan
Artist Patrick Zircher
Colorist Brian Reber
Letterer Rob Steen
Cover Artist Patrick Zircher
Cover Colorist Brian Reber
Editor Warren Simons, Josh Johns

Characters View all

Shadowman (Jack Boniface)
Mr. Twist
Alyssa Myles
Dox (Alessandro del Verdad)
Master Darque (Nicodemo Darque)
Lionel Devereaux