Shadowman, Vol. 4 #5A

Darque Reckoning, Part 1

Rel: Mar 06, 2013 - Pub: Mar 2013
Valiant Entertainment
Action, Adventure, Horror, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Cvr A Zircher
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

ALL-NEW ARC! The coming of Master Darque is upon us.

Jack Boniface has just been to Hell and back. After surviving the horrors of the Deadside, Jack is taking his new abilities to the limit and discovering more about the legacy of the Shadowman with each passing night. But what if he wasn’t the only thing that managed to escape back to Earth? Something dark has arrived in New Orleans, leaving death and madness in its black wake. What’s more, the city’s deadliest cartel assassin is after Jack, and he refuses to die – literally!

Creators View all

Writer Patrick Zircher, Justin Jordan
Artist Patrick Zircher, Lee Garbett, Stefano Gaudiano, Roberto De La Torre
Colorist Brian Reber
Letterer Rob Steen
Cover Artist Patrick Zircher
Editor Jody LeHeup, Josh Johns
Editor in Chief Warren Simons

Characters View all

Shadowman (Jack Boniface)
Baron Samedi
Alyssa Myles
Dox (Alessandro del Verdad)
Master Darque (Nicodemo Darque)
Lionel Devereaux
Gregoire Rosso
Dr. Mirage (Shan Fong)