Spider-Gwen, Vol. 2 HC / TP #1HC

Collects Spider-Gwen (2015) Edge Of Spider-Verse #1, Spider-Gwen Vol. 1 #1-5 and Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 #1-6, Spider-Gwen

Feb 2017 / Hardcover Edition
Modern Age / USA / English
Hardcover / 272 pages / $34.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterJason Latour
ArtistRobbi Rodriguez, Chris Visions
ColoristRico Renzi
LettererTravis Lanham, Clayton Cowles
Cover ArtistRobbi Rodriguez
Cover ColoristRobbi Rodriguez
EditorNick Lowe, Ellie Pyle
Editor in ChiefAxel Alonso
EditorDevin Lewis

Characters — View More ↓

Griffin (Johnny Horton)
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
Gloria 'Glory' Grant (Earth-65)
Spider-UK (Earth-833) (William 'Billy' Braddock)
Spider-Woman (Earth-65) (Gwendolyne 'Gwen' Stacy)
George Stacy (Earth-65)
Mary Jane Watson (Earth-65)
Thor (Jane Foster)
Bodega Bandit (Earth-65)
Hobart 'Hobie' Brown (Earth-65)
Frank Castle (Earth-65)
Benjamin 'Ben' Grimm (Earth-65)
Murder-Face (Earth-65)
Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson (Earth-65)
Sophia Sanduval (Earth-65)
Aleksei Sytsevich (Earth-65)
Vulture (Earth-65) (Adrian Toomes)
Officer Boyle (Earth-65)
Jean DeWolff (Earth-65)
Kingpin (Earth-65) (Wilson Fisk)
Matthew 'Matt' Murdock (Earth-65)
Izzy (Earth-65)
Benjamin 'Ben' Parker (Earth-65)
May Parker (Earth-65)
Felicia Hardy (Earth-65)
Captain America (Earth-65) (Samantha 'Sam' Wilson)
Lizard (Earth-65) (Curt Connors)
Falcon (Earth-65) (Sam 'Sam 13' Wilson)
Redwing (Earth-65)
Margaret 'Peggy' Carter (Earth-65)
Arnim Zola (Earth-65)
Randolph 'Randy' Robertson (Earth-65)
Elizabeth 'Betty' Brant (Earth-65)
Harold 'Harry' Osborn (Earth-65)
Green Goblin (Earth-65) (Harold 'Harry' Osborn)
Peter Parker (Earth-65)
Kingpin (Earth-65) (Matthew Murdock)


Gwen Stacy is the Spider-Woman of her world, but you knew that already. What you don't know is what's waiting for her on the other side of the SPIDER-VERSE! On the most tragic day of her life, Gwen was convinced that the Lizard died in her arms along with Peter Parker. But a new reptilian rampage leaves her in doubt - not only about Peter's life, but also his death. And Gwen's troubles pile up as the Osborns of her world make their debut, and she finds herself on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most wanted list! Perhaps another Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, could share some lessons about power and responsibility! Collecting EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2, SPIDER-GWEN (2015A) #1-5 and SPIDER-GWEN (2015B) #1-6. Rated T