Spider-Man 2099, Vol. 1 #15

The Rise Of The Hammer

Rel: Nov 04, 1993 - Pub: Jan 1994
Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $1.25

Miguel and Dana get trapped in a city of death! When Spider-Man and Dana get invited aboard the floating city of Valhalla, a pleasure trip turns deadly as the city is sabotaged. Peter David's script will have readers begging for more!

Creators View all

Writer Peter David
Penciller Rick Leonardi
Inker Al Williamson
Colorist Steve Buccellato
Letterer Rick Parker
Cover Artist Rick Leonardi, Al Williamson
Editor Joey Cavalieri, Matthew Morra
Editor in Chief Tom DeFalco

Characters View all

Gabriel O'Hara (2099)
Tyler Stone (2099)
Dana D'Angelo (2099)
Kasey Nash (2099)
Mrs. O'Hara (2099)
Jordan Boone
Thor (2099)
Heimdall (2099)
Spider-Man (2099) (Miguel O'Hara)