Spider-Man 2099, Vol. 1 #40

Judas Goat

Rel: Feb 1996 - Pub: Feb 1996
Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $1.50

The Goblin ambushes Spider-Man on his way to downtown. The Goblin then reveals all the recent political actions of Spider-Man and accuses him of being a corporate stooge. The Downtowners chase Spider-Man away.

Creators View all

Writer Peter David
Penciller Andrew Wildman
Inker Bill Sienkiewicz
Colorist Megan McDowell
Letterer Ken Lopez
Cover Penciller Andrew Wildman
Cover Inker Stephen Baskerville
Editor Joey Cavalieri, Lia Pelosi
Editor in Chief Bobbie Chase

Characters View all

Vulture (2099)
Spider-Man (2099) (Miguel O'Hara)
Tyler Stone
Gabriel O'Hara
Venom 2099 (Kron Stone)
Dana D'Angelo
Xina Qwan
Mrs. O'Hara
Kasey Nash
Green Goblin 2099