Spider-Man: Venom Returns #1TP

Venom Returns

Mar 1993 / First Printing
Modern Age / USA / English
Trade Paperback / 112 pages / $12.95

Creators — View More ↓

WriterDavid Michelinie
PencillerErik Larsen, Paris Cullins
InkerRandy Emberlin, Brad Vancata
Cover ArtistMark Bagley, Allen 'Al' Milgrom
EditorMike Lackey, Jim Salicrup
PencillerMark Bagley
InkerJoe Rosas, Keith Williams, Mike Machlan, Mickey Ritter, Jack Abel, Bud 'Nekros' LaRosa
EditorDanny Fingeroth


Spider-Man (Peter Parker)


Venom breaks out of the prison for super powered villains called the Vault and leaves behind a trail of death. He makes his way back to New York City and begins on a Spider-Man hunt. The wall crawler not only has to worry about Venom trying to bash his skull in, but another duo whom goes by the names of Styx and Stone are being paid to kill him. -summary

Venom was no doubt Spider-Man's most popular villain by this time and some even say the most popular of the 90's. So it really didn't make sense to keep the mad Spider-Man clone away from the fans any longer. Venom Returns written by David Michelinie reprints The Amazing Spider-Man #'s 332 - 333, 344 - 347, and Annual #25. Annual #25 only contains a segment involving Venom showing sparks of his anti-hero potential, while 344-345 only feature key moments. The rest are complete issues of alien costume and wall crawling madness.