Star Wars: Darth Vader, Vol. 2 #25A

Fortress Vader, Part VII

Rel: Dec 19, 2018 - Pub: Feb 2019
Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover
Comic | 36 pages | $4.99

FORTRESS VADER: FINALE! •  The FORTRESS is complete. The door will be opened. •  VADER finds everything he has ever desired. •  THE DARK LORD gets everything he deserves. Rated T

Creators View all

Writer Charles Soule
Inker Cam Smith, Daniele Orlandini
Colorist David Curiel, Erick Arciniega, Dono Sanchez-Almara
Letterer Travis Lanham
Layouts Guiseppe Camiuncoli
Cover Artist Elia Bonetti, Guiseppe Camiuncoli
Editor Mark Paniccia, Tom Groneman
Editor in Chief C. B. Cebulski

Characters View all

Quinlan Vos
Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)
Mace Windu
Emperor (Sheev Palpatine)
Padmé Amidala
Shmi Skywalker
Shaak Ti
Plo Koon
Agen Kolar
Adi Gallia
Ahsoka Tano
Saesee Tiin
Depa Billaba
Yarael Poof
Jocasta Nu
Obi-Wan Kenobi