Star Wars

Star Wars, Vol. 2 (Marvel) #39B

The Ashes of Jedha, Part 2

Rel: Nov 22, 2017 - Pub: Jan 2018
Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover (Imperial Commander)
Comic | 32 pages | $3.99

It is a period of high tension in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire has returned to Jedha in an attempt to collect the remaining weapon-powering Kyber crystals that survived the Death Star’s attack.

Meanwhile, Rebel leaders Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, joined by smuggler Han Solo, are leading the mission to find a new base for their operation. Upon arriving on Jedha, the rebels quickly join forces with natives of the nearly destroyed planet, Chulco Gi and ex-rebel Ubin.

However, when Ubin and Chulco lead the heroes of the Rebellion to meet with surviving members of Saw Gerrera’s partisans, their welcome is less than friendly….

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Writer Kieron Gillen
Artist Salvador Larroca
Colorist Guru-EFX Guru-EFX
Letterer Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist John Tyler Christopher
Editor Jordan D. White, C.B. Cebulski, Heather Antos
Editor in Chief Axel Alonso