Suicide Squad, Vol. 4 #40A

Shock and Awe, Conclusion

Rel: Apr 25, 2018 - Pub: Jun 2018
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular David Yardin Cover
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

"BREAK THROUGH THE WALL" finale! The Squad faces down the Wall as their fate hangs in the balance. If the Squad doesn't stop the Wall, the U.S. government will be demolished!

Creators View all

Writer Rob Williams
Artist Jack Herbert
Colorist Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letterer Pat Brosseau
Cover Artist David Yardin
Editor Brian Cunningham, Mike Cotton, Andrew Marino
Editor in Chief Bob Harras

Characters View all

Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro)
Amanda Waller
Killer Croc (Waylon Jones)
Rick Flag Jr.
Captain Boomerang (George 'Digger' Harkness)
Coretta Waller
Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel)
Hack (Zalika)
Jessie Waller
Wall (David Prohaska)
Martin Waller
Joe Waller