Super Sons #3A

When I Grow Up..., Sibling Rivalry

Jun 2017 / Regular Jorge Jimenez Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99


WriterPeter J. Tomasi
ArtistJorge Jimenez
ColoristAlejandro Sanchez
LettererRob Leigh
Cover ArtistJorge Jimenez
Cover ColoristAlejandro Sanchez
EditorEddie Berganza


Robin (Damian Wayne)
Superboy (Jon Kent)
Kid Amazo (Reggie Duffy)


"When I Grow Up" part three! It's Super-Son vs Bat-Son as the exciting new series continues! Kid Amazo is ready to rip the hearts out of the world's not-so-finest super duo. Face to face with their newest-and first-villain, Jonathan and Damian strike out the only way they know each other! RATED T