Supergirl TP #1TP-A

Book One

Oct 2016
Modern Age / USA / English
Trade Paperback / 144 pages / $24.99

Creators — View More ↓

WriterChuck Dixon, Joe R. Lansdale
ScripterPeter David
PencillerMike Manley, Ron Wagner
InkerJohn Nyberg, Cam Smith
ColoristGene D'Angelo, Roberta Tewes
LettererAlbert De Guzman, Pat Prentice
LayoutsMike Manley
SeparatorDigital Chameleon
Cover PencillerGary Frank, George Pérez
Cover InkerCam Smith
EditorFrank Pittarese, Jeb Woodard
WriterBarbara Kesel, Joe Lansdale, Gary Frank, Neal Barrett Jr., Neal Barrett, Karl Kesel, Peter David
PencillerGary Frank, Jennifer Graves, Robert Teranishi, Bret Blevins, Terry Dodson, Dick Giordano
InkerKarl Story, Stan Woch, Chuck Drost, George Pérez, Bill Reinhold
ColoristMegan McDowell, Marie Severin
LettererGaspar Saladino, Patricia Prentice
EditorChris Duffy

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Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent
Lois Lane
Mattie Harcourt
Cutter Sharp
Fred Danvers
Sylvia Danvers
Mary Marvel (Mary Batson)
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
Gorilla Grodd (Grodd)
Richard Malverne
Rampage (Karen Lou Faulkner)
Supergirl (Matrix / Linda Danvers)
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)


In this 1990s reimagining of the Girl of Steel, Lex Luthor's familiar synthetic creation "Matrix" - who mimics Superman's powers - merges with human girl Linda Danvers to create a new Supergirl! So why does everyone believe she's dead? And what is the secret behind Linda Danvers' evil past? Collects issues #1-9, SUPERGIRL PLUS #1, SUPERGIRL ANNUAL #1, and a story from SHOWCASE '96 #8.