Superman, Vol. 1 #8

The Giants of Prefessor Zee / The Fifth Column / The Carnival Crooks / Perrone and the Drug Gang

Rel: Jan 1941 - Pub: Jan 1941
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Golden Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 64 pages | $0.10

"The Giants of Professor Zee" - The evil Professor Zee has created a breed of giants that he is using to terrorize the region. Superman and Lois Lane work independent investigations.

"The Fifth Column" - Clark is asked by a friend to investigate the subversive fifth column press. He is soon framed for the murder of his friend, and must somehow clear his name and catch the culprit without revealing his secret identity.

"The Carnival Crooks" - Clark takes Lois to a carnival, only to be fleeced by the games operators. Lois and Superman investigate further, and find evidence of massive criminal activity. Superman takes it upon himself to clean the place up single-handedly.

"Perrone and the Drug Gang" - A dirty lawyer is running a gang of drug addicted thugs, using their habits to string them along, constantly keeping them out of jail with technicalities. It's up to Superman to put them in a position where their guilt is undeniable.

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Writer Jerry Siegel
Artist Paul Cassidy
Penciller Wayne Boring, Joe Shuster
Inker Wayne Boring, Don Komisarow
Cover Artist Paul Cassidy

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Lois Lane
Perry White
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)