Superman, Vol. 1 #9

The Phony Pacifists / Joe Gatson, Racketeer / Mystery in Swasey Swamp / Jackson's Murder Ring

Rel: Mar 1941 - Pub: Mar 1941
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Golden Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 64 pages | $0.10

"The Phony Pacifists" - Pacificsts are working with the government to help prevent rearmament. However, these same public pacifists use some serious weapons in private. Superman investigates to uncover the true cause they work for.

"Joe Gatson, Racketeer" - It looks like a known racketeer is about to get off without a problem. Superman investigates, and learns that Mr. Gatson has some effective leverage with the judge.

"Mystery in Swasey Swamp" - An electrical discharge in the Swasey Swamp draws the attention of the Daily Planet, with Lois Lane assigned to the story. Clark Kent is assigned to look into attempts to steal the W142 formula that can revolutionize industry, not realizing the two stories are one and the same.

"Jackson's Murder Ring" - The heir to a $20,000,000 fortune is murdered, and Lois and Clark begin to investigate. Clark stumbles on the real killer, and follows the leads through a jewelry company that's fronting the whole thing.

Creators View all

Writer Jerry Siegel
Artist Paul Cassidy
Cover Artist Fred Ray

Characters View all

Lois Lane
Perry White
Jimmy Olsen
Sgt. Casey
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)