Superman, Vol. 4 #14A


Multiplicity, Part 1

Mar 2017 / Regular Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Cover
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $2.99


WriterPatrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi
PencillerIvan Reis
InkerJoe Prado
ColoristMarcelo Maiolo
LettererRob Leigh
Cover PencillerPatrick Gleason
Cover InkerMick Gray
Cover ColoristJohn Kalisz
EditorEddie Berganza
Editor in ChiefBob Harras

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Superman (Earth-22) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Superman (Earth-31) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Superman (Earth-30) (Kal-El)
Aquawoman (Earth-11) (Anna)
Superman (Earth One) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Machinehead (Earth-8)
Thunderer (Earth-7)
Green Lantern (Earth-20) (Abin Sur)
Mary Marvel (Earth-5) (Mary Batson)
Batman (Earth-17) (Bruce Wayne)
Bizarro-Superman (Earth-29)
Captain Carrot (Earth-26) (Rodney Rabbit)
Sunshine Superman (Earth-47)
Superdoomsday (Earth-45)
Superman (Earth-38) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Superman (Earth-50) (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Super-Martian (Earth-32)
Red Racer (Earth-36) (Ray)
Superman (Earth-2) (Val-Zod)
Super-Man (Kenan Kong)
Superwoman (Earth-11) (Laurel)
Superman (Earth-23) (Kalel / Calvin Ellis)


"MULTIPLICITY" part one! The New Super-Man of China has been taken! The Red Son Superman of Earth-30 has been beaten! And who knows what's happened to Sunshine Superman! Someone is collecting Supermen across the Multiverse-this looks like a job for our Kal-El as he is joined by Justice Incarnate in this multi-Earth epic! RATED T