Superman, Vol. 4 #31A

Breaking Point, Part One

Nov 2017
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Ian Churchill Cover
Comic | 36 pages | $2.99

Lois Lane is after the interview of a lifetime. The subject of her Daily Planet article: Deathstroke the Terminator! Determined to get "inside the mind of a killer," Lois follows a trail of bodies across the globe and comes face to face with the ultimate assassin. But the encounter turns deadly and, with Superman half a world away, the interview of a lifetime could cost Lois Lane her life! Don't miss part one of "Breaking Point"!

Creators View all

Writer James Bonny
Artist Tyler Kirkham
Colorist Arif Prianto
Letterer Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist Ian Churchill, Ian Churchill
Editor Paul Kaminski
Editor in Chief Bob Harras

Characters View all

Lois Lane
Perry White
Deathstroke the Terminator (Slade Wilson)
Jimmy Olsen
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
Maggie Sawyer