Terrifics #10

Tom Strong & the Terrifics, Part Four

Rel: Nov 28, 2018 - Pub: Jan 2019
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

Is there a totally titanic termination in store for the Terrifics? Mr. Terrific and company team with the Tom Strong family in a final battle against Doc Dread, who's leveraging the power of a dark god to kill everyone in his path. With the fate of the Multiverse AND the Dark Multiverse hanging in the balance, it'll take a team-up of Terrific proportions to save the day. Just don't expect the group to escape unscathed when all is said and done...

Creators View all

Writer Jeff Lemire
Penciller Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker Jonathan Glapion, Viktor Bogdanovic
Colorist Michael Spicer
Letterer Tom Napolitano
Cover Artist Evan 'Doc' Shaner
Editor Marie Javins, Paul Kaminski, Andrew Marino

Characters View all

Tom Strong
Simon Stagg
Tesla Strong
King Solomon
Metamorpho (Rex Mason)
Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt)
Sapphire Stagg
Dhalua Strong
Plastic Man (Eel O'Brian)
Phantom Girl (Linnya Wazzo)
Dr. Dread (Java)