Terrifics #11

The Terrifics No More!, Part One

Rel: Jan 02, 2019 - Pub: Mar 2019
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

The Terrifics...terminated! The team has called it quits and gone their separate ways-with less-than-terrific results. Plastic Man meets his estranged wife and son, now developing his own plastic powers; Metamorpho is still stuck in his human form as Rex Mason, unemployed, unqualified and going broke; Phantom Girl's stuck in an arranged marriage back on her homeworld of Bgztl; and Mr. Terrific hunts the escaped Doc Dread, who travels the Multiverse collecting alternate Mr. Terrifics for murder-sport.

Creators View all

Writer Jeff Lemire
Artist Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker Jonathan Glapion
Colorist Michael Spicer
Letterer Tom Napolitano
Cover Artist Evan Shaner
Editor Marie Javins, Paul Kaminski, Andrew Marino

Characters View all

Sapphire Stagg
Paula Holt
Plastic Man (Patrick O'Brian)
Mister Terrific (Michael Holt)
Metamorpho (Rex Manson)
Phantom Girl (Linnya Wazzo)
Batman (Earth 43) (Bruce Wayne)
Doctor Dread (Java)
Gold Superman [Earth 44]
Green Lantern [Earth 23]
Hellblazer [Earth 13] (John Constantine)
Iron Batman [Earth 44]
Paula Holt [Earth 23]
Superman [Earth 23] (Kalel / Calvin Ellis)