The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 #411


Blood Brothers - Part 2: Targets!

May 1996
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $1.50


WriterTom DeFalco
PencillerMark Bagley
InkerLarry Mahlstedt, Al Milgrom
ColoristBob Sharen
LettererComicraft, Richard Starkings
SeparatorMalibu Hues
Cover PencillerMark Bagley
Cover InkerLarry Mahlstedt
Cover ColoristBob Sharen
EditorRalph Macchio
Editor in ChiefBob Harras

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Seward Trainer
Jessica Carradine
Shirley Washington
Peter Parker
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale Jr.)
Mary Jane Watson-Parker
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.
Devon Lewis
Spider-Man (Benjamin 'Ben' Reilly)
Gaunt (Mendel Stromm)
Lasher (Cell-12)


Ben and Jessica are still trying to figure out where they stand with each other, but can't discuss it now. Someone or something is trying very hard to destroy the lives of both Peter Parker and Ben Reilly, and it succeeding admirably.