The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 #88

The Arms of Doctor Octopus!

Rel: Sep 1970 - Pub: Sep 1970
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $0.15

Having spent months honing his thoughts, Dr. Octopus manages to mentally contact his artificial arms from his prison cell. Spider-Man attempts to stop the arms from reaching Doc Ock, but loses them when the damage they cause threatens people on the streets of New York.But in attempting to catch a ride on a plane, Dr. Octopus catches General Su, a visiting Chinese official. Knowing that the US State Department will pay a hefty sum to prevent Su from coming to harm, Otto ransoms the entire plane for ten million dollars.

Creators View all

Writer Stan Lee
Penciller John Romita Sr
Inker Jim Mooney
Letterer Sam Rosen
Cover Artist John Romita Sr
Editor Stan Lee

Characters View all

Gwen Stacy
John Jameson
George Stacy
Elizabeth 'Betty' Brant
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius)
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.