The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #573D

New Ways To Die, Part 6: Weapons of Self Destruction / Lo There Shall Come, This Man... This Candidate!

Rel: Oct 15, 2008 - Pub: Dec 2008
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Incentive Marko Djurdjevic Zombie Variant Cover
Comic | 48 pages | $3.99

Weapons of Self Destruction - Following the destruction of the Coffee Bean by forces under Norman Osborn's command, Harry marches straight to his father's office to confront him. But Norman implies that Harry's past isn't as squeaky clean as he seems to think. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Anti-Venom are observing a shaky truce as they both want to see the Thunderbolts pay for their actions in New York. Anti-Venom still wants to eliminate the plague that is Venom from the Earth, and Peter is in search of a reckoning with the Green Goblin.

Lo There Shall Come, This Man... This Candidate! - Stephen Colbert is running for office, but nobody seems to care, until he teams up with his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Creators View all

Writer Dan Slott, Mark Waid
Penciller John Romita Jr, Patrick Olliffe
Inker Klaus Janson, Serge LaPointe
Colorist Dean White, Beredo Rain
Letterer Cory Petit
Editor Tom Brevoort, Stephen Wacker
Editor in Chief Joe Quesada

Characters View all

Ben Urich
Elizabeth 'Betty' Brant
Venom (MacDonald 'Mac' Gargan)
Sally Floyd
Grizzly (Maxwell Markham)
Songbird (Melissa Joan Gold)
Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
Randall Crowne
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock)
May Parker
Menace (Lily Hollister)
Stephen Colbert
Radioactive Man (Chen Lu)
Mr. Negative (Martin Li)
Harold Theopolis 'Harry' Osborn
J. Jonah Jameson Jr.
Bullseye (Lester)