The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 4 #17A


Before Dead No More, Part Two: Spark Of Life

Oct 2016
Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 28 pages / $3.99


WriterDan Slott
PencillerR.B. Silva
InkerAdriano Di Benedetto
ColoristMartegod Gracia
LettererVirtual Calligraphy, Joe Caramagna
Cover ArtistAlex Ross
EditorNick Lowe, Devin Lewis
Editor in ChiefAxel Alonso

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Prowler (Hobie Brown)
Martha Connors
Lizard (Curt Connors)
Jackal (Miles Warren)
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Rhino (Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich)
Electro (Max Dillon)
Spider-Man (Hobie Brown)
Electro (Francine Frye)


BEFORE 'DEAD NO MORE'! - The Prowler (and our readers) meet the new Electro! - Who is this woman and what does she have to do with the Man in Red?! Rated T