The Avengers, Vol. 1 #385

Evil in a Cold and Lonely Place

Rel: Feb 21, 1995 - Pub: Apr 1995
Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $1.50

The Black Widow gets a tip from an old friend, Ivan Bezukhov, about a mysterious energy pulse detected in the Canadian Northwest Territories. She assembles the Avengers, who were attempting in vain to break the mysterious trans-temporal door they discovered in their recently rebuilt mansion, and jet north to investigate. They discover a two mile diameter crater and descend into its depths only to find the Red Skull and his prisoner Ivan Bezukhov.

Creators View all

Writer Bob Harras
Plotter Terry Kavanagh
Penciller John Buscema, Mike Deodato Jr.
Inker Tom Palmer Sr.
Colorist John Kalisz
Letterer Bill Oakley
Cover Penciller Mike Deodato Jr.
Cover Inker Tom Palmer Sr.
Editor Ralph Macchio
Editor in Chief Mark Gruenwald

Characters View all

Nicholas 'Nick' Fury Sr.
Ivan Bezukhov
Ivan Petrovich
Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)
Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)
Timothy 'Dum Dum' Dugan
Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin-Maximoff)
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
Hercules (Marvel) (Heracles Panhellenios)
Deathcry (Sharra Neramani)