The Darkness

The Darkness, Vol. 3 #84A

The Three Deaths of Jackie Estacado

Rel: Apr 28, 2010 - Pub: Apr 2010
Top Cow Productions
Action, Adventure, Horror
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Comic | 32 pages | $2.99

(W) Phil Hester (A) TBD (Cov) Bagus Hutomo 'Hunt The Darkness' Jackie Estacado, the current bearer of the Darkness, has escaped from Fort Knox, but a Hunter-Killer team is hot on his heels. Will Jackie be able to defeat a team of trained government ultra-sapiens before daybreak? Featuring a cover by Bagus Hutomo (Shrapnel: Arteseia Rising).

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Writer Phil Hester
Artist Whilce Portacio
Colorist Arif Prianto
Letterer Troy Peteri