The Greatest Adventure #5A

Modern Age / USA / English
Comic / 32 pages / $3.99


WriterBill Willingham
ArtistCezar Razek
ColoristVinicius Andrade
LettererTaylor Esposito
Cover ArtistCary Nord
EditorJoseph Rybandt


John Carter
Dejah Thoris
Jason Gridley
Lady Greystoke (Jane Porter)
Tarzan (John Greystoke)
Korak the Killer


Does this spell the end of the Venture? As the crew races to Barsoom, a volley of explosive fire from a tribe of green Martians - the Warhoons - sinks the once proud-airship down to earth! But Tarzan isn't fazed - he has a plan (and with a certain local's assistance) they might yet save the galaxy from the villainous Rokoff... assuming, of course, they can survive that long!