The Halifax Explosion #1

The Halifax Explosion

True North Comics
Modern Age | Color | Canada | English
Comic | 20 pages

This comic deals with the events leading up to the Halifax Explosion on December 6th 1917. Where two ships, The Mont Blanc carrying 200 Tons of TNT and 30 Tons of flammable Benzol collided with the Imo which was carrying 2766 tons of Picric Acid. The resulting explosion killed 2000, wounded 9000 with thousands more homeless. The story follows the last day in the life of Vince Coleman a telegraph operator who frantically attempted to stop an approaching passenger train that was due to arrive in Halifax. Mr Coleman was killed in the resulting explosion but not before he was successfully able to stop the train, preventing further loss of life.

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Writer Peter Hawkins
Artist Michael Dixon
Editor Dinah Forbes

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Vince (Vincent Coleman)
Nita Coleman